Friday, February 4, 2011

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Mayor Dwight C. Jones delivered his State of the City address last night to a packed crowd at the historic Hippodrome Theatre in Jackson Ward.

Renovation of the theatre, where jazz great Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald appeared, is one of the achievements he touted in his speech along the Richmond having a police department in the top ten percent nationwide and the opening of two new elementary schools, the first time that has happened in 40 years. But Mayor Jones didn't just look back, he has big plans for Richmond to come into it's own, he said the city has yet to see it's renaissance.

He wants a new baseball stadium on the Boulevard, a new coliseum in Jackson Ward and he said he is paving the way towards high speed rail that would connect Richmonders to Washington D.C. To see full coverage of the State of the City address and what city officials think of Mayor Jones' plans for Richmond, tune in to WRIR next week.

A secretly tapped video at a Richmond Planned Parenthood has the pro-life crowd concerned. The video, recorded and released by Live Action, a national pro-life group, shows a fake pimp and fake underaged prostitute attempting to receive medical advice concerning getting an abortion without parental consent and other treatments. Richmond Planned Parenthood told NBC 12 their employee followed protocol, including contacting local police and the FBI. The unedited version of the video appeared to show a concerned and caring individual trying to get help for an at risk youth, Live action said they did not try and help the fake underaged prostitute and were trying to cover it up. The FBI was questioned by NBC and they said they were still looking into the case. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli had a similar response, he said his office was still in fact finding mode.

Early Census numbers have been released for the Richmond Area. 2000 to 2010 is the first population increase for the city since the 1970. The total number of current Richmond residents is just over 200,000 up from 197,000 in 2000's census. Chesterfield and Henrico also saw jumps in there populations over the last 10 years.

The Pocahontas 895 Toll increases to 3 dollars on Monday. The road is often used as a short cut to the Airport, the 330 million dollar project gets no state or federal funding and is relying on tolls to be paid off. Only about 15 hundred cars use the road each day.

Two .22 caliber rifle bullets were found inside Colonial Heights Middle School just after 9 am yesterday. A student found the ammo and informed an administrator. The school was put into lockdown for two hours, but returned to business as usually after no gun or other weapons were found. Investigators have found the student they believe responsible and he could face criminal charges as well as suspension or expulsion from the school. Parents of students were informed of the incident via a letter sent home with students.

-Caroline Jackson and Brad Kutner

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