Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chris Gethard and Friends are Coming to Town

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Chris Gethard
Photo by: Ryan Roberts

Tonight, Tuesday, January 18th, The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure is stopping in Richmond and putting on a show at Gallery 5. Chris Gethard is a Comedian (and so much more) commonly recognized for his work at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City. Recently he starred as the lead character in the Comedy Central series Big Lake.

The show’s tour kicked off on January 15th in it’s hometown at the UCB Theater in New York City. At the conclusion of the show, Chris and his fellow cast mates boarded the RV that will take them across the country, making several stops along the way, including, Boston, Richmond, Chapel Hill, and Austin, before coming to a close in Los Angeles on January 27th.

Gethard said he’s using a unique way to get his fans involved; the tour has been, and will continue to be, determined by social networking. This includes the fund-raising for the trip done through the website Kickstarter, which allows people to donate toward a cause, often with certain incentives.

“You put up your creative project, and if people want to donate money they can, but you put up incentives, so if you donate this amount you can get this prize, and for a certain amount of money you were able to define one of our stops,” he said. “The guys down in Richmond at the comedy team, stepped up and they said, we’ll define one of your stops come do some shows. I’m a weird guy, and I do a weird show, and I have always heard that Richmond embraces that attitude in people so I’m super psyched to get down there, and every other aspect of the tour we’re gonna just let happen over Twitter basically.”

Gethard said the group will be getting into things based on the people following the tour on the Internet, they’ll see who is trying to hang out, taking suggestions from what to do to where to eat. He said along with the predetermined destinations, they will be going through random towns along the way, all the while making videos and posting them on The Chris Gethard Show website, where people can follow along with updates and an interactive map.

“We try with our show, we always want it to be funny, but funny and something else, like funny and weird, funny and violent, funny and sad, we always try to hit a few different emotions,” he said.

Gethard said he is familiar with some cool things associated with Richmond including GWAR and Richmond Lucha Libre. Beyond that, he said he hopes to take up an offer made by a local fan that invited him to enjoy some BBQ while in town, as well as finding out for himself if some of the other things he’s heard about are all they’re cracked up to be.

“Somebody also told me a rumor that Richmond offers segway tours, and if that’s the case then everyone should come with us and sign up, cause that would be fun,” he said. “We’ll make sure before we do it we will put it on Twitter, and hopefully people will be down and we can have a 200 hundred person segway tour through the streets, take back the streets via segway.”

Gethard said the comedians joining him on tour are used to doing shows together, many of which revolve around their personal relationships with each other. Despite the friendships he said they all are of the understanding there may be a few bumps along the way.

“If you get in an RV with twelve people and there’s only seven places to sleep, and you’re all comedians, and you’re all bored, and you are all grumpy and tired, who knows, but in my mind, that means more good comedy is on the way,” he said.

The Chris Gethard Show will be making its debut in Richmond, documenting every step along the way, to include an evening performance at Gallery 5 thanks to the Richmond Comedy Coalition and the donors that have landed the city on The Cross Country Adventure map.

-Sarah Freiseis

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