Friday, October 15, 2010

7th District Debate - Get to Know your Candidates... Except Cantor

Listen to the full audio here.

On Tuesday, October 12, the Richmond League of Women Voters held a forum for the congressional candidates of Virginia’s 7th district, at the Tuckahoe Public Library. The Independent candidate, Floyd Bayne, and the Democratic candidate, Rick Waugh, were both present, but the incumbent, Republican Eric Cantor was not.

Both candidates said they were upset that Cantor wasn’t there, and they feel he isn’t representing the public.

Quote, Bayne- I remain disappointed that our incumbent doesn’t feel the need…

When he was asked about nationalized healthcare, Bayne said he thought the entire healthcare bill should be repealed, and that the government can never handle health care as efficiently as the free market can.

Quote, Bayne- “When you see the government involved in this system…”

But Waugh said that although the health care bill is not perfect, it’s still a step in the right direction, and we should be working to fix it, not get rid of it completely.

Quote, Waugh- “Everybody knows the healthcare bill is not perfect…”

Next, the candidates were asked how they felt about alternative energy sources. Both said they want Americans to seek out more alternative energy sources, and to depend less on foreign oil, but Bayne felt the free market should handle this, not the government.

Quote, Bayne – “I’m not against…”

But Waugh said that leaving business in charge of the oil industry, is exactly what caused the oil spill.

Quote, Waugh- “We saw what the Free Market did in the Gulf of Mexico.”

When the candidates were asked whether or not they would continue the Bush Tax cuts, Waugh said those cuts would only help the richest two percent.

Quote , Waugh- “The money that we borrow from China…”

But Bayne said they should continue.

Quote Bayne, “I know as well as you do…”

Both candidates agreed about that the troops should be brought home.

Quote, Bayne -“The first think I would do…”

They took very different views on education though; Bayne argued that we should abolish the Dept. of Education, and allow all educational to be handled at the state level.

Quote, “We should immediately abolish…” “The Constitution does not allow for…”

Waugh agreed that education is important, but he argued abolishing Federally mandated education standards would be unfair for families who move from one state to another.

Quote, Waugh- “Abolishing the federal education system…”

They both agreed that we need to discourage businesses to stop outsourcing jobs, by offering more incentives to employee American workers, but they disagreed again about climate change. Waugh said that every time there has been a major climate change, there were rises in C02 levels, as there are now.

Quote, Waugh “Every time in history…”

But Bayne said that no reputable scientists believe in global warming.

Quote, Bayne- “I do not believe in the whole climate change hoax…”

Although the candidates may disagree about almost everything,

Quote, Waugh- “Let’s put it this way, I don’t think I’ve found yet, a single issue I agree with him on yet.”

Most of the spectators, like Carol Franco, agreed that the debate was fair.

“I think it was very well handled and very well managed by both candidates.”

/Danny Rathbun.

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