Thursday, February 11, 2010

Problems Stunt RVA's Weather Preparedness

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Just as we were done digging ourselves out of the latest snow storm, according to the national weather service, more is expected to hit Richmond today with the projected accumulation of sleet and snow to total around 2-4 inches by Saturday afternoon.

Preparedness problems were the biggest concern with Richmonders last weekend.

Second district councilmen, Charles Samuels, said in his district the majority of people park on the sides of the street and not in the back of their homes, so vehicles became unintentionally stranded after trucks plowed the streets.


To help alleviate these parking concerns 4 dual-edge reversible plows have been authorized to keep vehicles from being blocked in by displaced snow. 4 highway plows and 12 tailgate spreaders were also added to the inventory.

Githaiga Gandhi, a pharmacy student at VCU, said that when she returned to Richmond over the weekend, she was surprised that there was still ice on Broad St.


Mayor Dwight Jones held a press conference on Tuesday discussing measures to improve road conditions in future storms like the one predicted today.

in his press release, Dwight Jones said that due to the sale of 17 dump trucks and 19 four-wheel drive pick up trucks response times per route have increased from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. the procurement of new equipment, the adoption of new snow removal protocol and an assessment of needs and qualifications for operators should expedite response times in today’s predicted storm.

Adjustments to road snow removal protocol goes as follows:
First priority roads that include main thoroughfares, major bridges, and critical accesses such as Broad St. and Jefferson Davis highway will now commence after 2 inches of accumulation, instead of 3. Second priority roads will be treated with chemicals within the first four hours of snow fall and should be clear 24 hours after the snow fall has ceased. a new policy of clearing both first and second priority roads within 48 hours will be instituted. residential and other local streets will be treated only after first and second priority initiatives have been achieved.

Despite the troubling travel conditions for some, the greater Richmond transit company still ran. Michael McEwen, a detailer for Moore Cadillac, uses GRTC to get to and from work. With a minor delay in their schedule on Monday, Moore still proclaimed them as the best and appreciates what snow removal crews accomplished during and after the storm.


The national weather service reports a chance of snow before 1pm today that will develop into snow and sleet and then change to rain overnight with a low around 32 degrees. Accumulations of 2-4 inches are possible. for tomorrow, periods of snow with a high near 32. Accumulations are predicted to be less than an inch.

for Richmond Independent Radio News, I’m Mark Craig.

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