Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day By Day Speaks With BK

By Brad Kutner

Hear long form audio version here

Will Carsola and Dave Stuart are two Richmonders in a far away land.

You might know them better under their performance name, Day by Day

They started shooting skateboarding videos, making t-shirts, recording music, and looking for creative outlets with their friends on the streets of RVA, The two jokesters began adding sketches between skateboarding action shots. It wasn’t long before they had released 2 full length DVDs, 'Teenagers from Mars' and 'Teenagers from Uranus' featuring skate tricks, music, and sketches all shot in Richmond

Word of mouth traveled fast around the river city and the young upstart film makers expanded their sketch line up, concentrating more on comedy

Internet fame soon came in the form of a DMV Prank you-tube video, and before long they were contributing to shows on Fuel TV and MTV.

The MTV show, wile not a perfect match for DAYBYDAY, brought them to LA where they now reside.

RIR news was excited to speak to these gentlemen due to their most recent work on Funny Or Die: a new sketch comedy show premiering Feb 19 at midnight on HBO featuring the talents of Will Farrell, Don Cheadle, and Jon C Riley.

Here now is a series of questions from a longer interview I had with Dave and Will.

Day by Days website

Day By Day's Beard Master Video

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