Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resolutions for the City

City Council’s New Years Resolutions
By Brad Kutner

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We all make News Resolutions, and some of us even keep them. RIR news was curious as to what City council wished for their New years resolution for the city. I caught up with some of them at a city organizational meeting.

President Kathy Graziano of the Fourth district, much like the rest of council, is concerned for the economy in our fair city.

We can get through this economic crisis that we have, fiscal crisis that we have with as little pain being inflicted on citizens and city employees.

Ellen Robertson, Vice president of council and responsible for the 6th district, is concerned with the oncoming budget cuts in the next year, and wants to be sure to keep city jobs in tact.

We were fortunate last year even that we were able to get through the budget even though we had significant cuts this year. WE anticipate a lot more cuts this year. It would be good for us to be able to get through the budget without having to lay off any staff

Charles Samules of the 2nd district has several key points he wants to cover in the coming year. I’ll let him lay out his plan.

To protect our historic resources, in the second district, the Moore street school and the Leigh Armory. These are incredibly important buildings that need the attention of not only city council, but also the citizens. Secondly, in this budget cycle, everything is on the table as to what can be cut. And my goal for this year is to maintain the health and safety of the citizens by funding schools, police, fire, and emergency services.
I hope to work with community partners to make a viable arts district in more than just name. To continue listen to the citizens of the second district in the city to make sure the folks in my district have a problem they can call me, they can send me an email, and they can send me a letter and ill read it and pay attention to what your saying.

Reva Trammell of the 8th district is concerned with crime. She also expressed her concern for economy in the river city.

I hope that we can keep crime down and also I hope we can bring the economy back because we need some jobs in the city of Richmond.

The newest member of City council, Cynthia Newbile also has a lengthy series of wishes for the city. She plans to work hard in her freshmen year on council.

My commitment is to work collaboratively, collectively and inclusively with the citizens of my district. With my colleagues on city council, the mayor, members of the general assembly and others. To ensure our city, the city of Richmond, moves even closer to becoming a world-class city, building on its rich history and its natural resources. Ensuring we have quality education for all our children and youth, that we have responsible economic development that creates job for our citizens and revenue for our city. To ensure access to quality affordable health care. That we have diverse and affordable housing as well as beautifully preserved neighborhoods. That we would have safe and green environments for all to work, play, and worship. I think working together we will be able to make our city a world-class city and that reality looms very large for us.

We’ll be sure to follow city council in the coming months to see if they are sticking to their word.

This is Brad Kutner for Richmond Independent Radio News.

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