Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Week's Headlines!

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by Caroline Jackson

Samuel T. Moore, owner of Richmond Club Velvet, appeared in court Monday to face 11 violations of state Alcoholic Beverage Control laws. Two ABC officers testified they paid to watch two dancers have sex at the strip club, an informant for the ABC investigation got cocaine from a dancer on at least one occasion and there was evidence of violations of alcohol laws including underage consumption and drinking after hours. Testimony about Moore’s previous convictions for sex with a minor and illegal filming of sexual activities at the club was barred from the hearing.

Julian's on Broad near Boulevard was tagged by graffiti artists Sunday morning. Along with images, the vandals left a message next to the door that said “To Whom it may concern
- Graffiti is a beautiful art form which is unappreciated in today’s
society. We hope the work done here will intrigue and stimulate the
minds of many
The building is owned by the infamous Moore and he allegedly gave permission to tag the private building. The display has caused concern for neighbors because it is across from the Children's Museum of Richmond.

1,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine will be administered at the Richmond International Raceway Complex on Thursday between 2:30 and 7:30 pm. Then Henrico County Health Department is giving priority to children, pregnant women, health care and emergency medical service providers, people who live with or care for infants up to 6 years and those with certain health conditions. The shot is provided by reservation at 804-501-4151 or www.henricoflu.com.

A judge decided convicted slumlord Oliver C. Lawrence will spend 40 of his 70 day sentence at one of his vacant properties in Richmond. His lawyer asked the judge to allow Lawrence to serve home incarceration but it won't be at his million dollar Ashland home. He will spend the other 30 days in the city jail and is required to clean up blighted properties with the inmate work crew. Lawrence will also have to pay more than $177,000 in fines for his 180 convictions of property maintenance violations.

Governor elect Bob McDonnell says the recently passed House of Representatives healthcare bill doesn’t seem like it will help Virginians.
During a CNN appearance Sunday, McDonnell said he would prefer not to have Virginia participate in a public option though he admitted he hasn’t read the whole bill. McDonnell expressed his concern about turning healthcare over to the federal government and said he has outlined several changes on the state level that could keep costs down while increasing coverage.

Students at the University of Richmond have voiced their outrage over R. Crumb's U of R sponsored appearance at the Modlin Center on October 27th through their school paper the Collegian. Some have described Crumb's work as misogynistic and racist. A professor at the school assigned Crumb's work and required students to attend his talk. Senior Timothy Patterson launched the controversy when he started a facebook page, calling into question the school's sponsorship of the event and assignment of Crumb's work which a student described as "appalling" in the school's paper.

The deadline for households to apply for Fuel Assistance through their local department of social services is this Friday. In order to get assistance, a one person household cannot make more than 1,174 dollars a month and a household of four cannot make more than 2, 389. The program is intended to help families and individuals through the colder months and is funded by federal grants.

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